Full Stack Engineer

Personal Profile

As far as I can remember

I was always a geek and want do science and now I can make my passion my job that gives me great satisfaction.

Personal Interests

When not designing or coding a layout I fill my time with either of the following:

  • I love to travel;
  • I practice sports and bodybuilding.
  • And an avid photography.

The Internet is my Oyster

A good engineer is always up to the latest news, trends and techniques. For that, one has to get around and filter information from all possible sources. So... I get around and roam. And here is where I roam freely:

Technical Skills


ASP.NET C# WebForm / MVC 4


SQL Server


jQuery / AngularJs




Symfony 2 & 3 / Laravel 5


MongoDB / PostGresSQL & MySQL / ElasticSearch

Work Experience

Full Stack Engineer

Web Responsive (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery / AngularJs), ASP.NET (MVC C# 4), Symfony 2 & 3 , Web Apis, ElasticSearch, SQL Server, PostGresSQL
Web application design and development:

- Release and maintenance of website version 1
- Development of tools / backoffice in AngularJs /
- Development of XML web services and server components in C #
- Management of social networking modules
- Development and maintenance of a JavaScript API.
- Rebuilding the website in PHP Symfony 2, version 2
- Specifications, planning management, tasks and resources.
- Design and implementation of the database architecture on PostgreSQL.
- Development of the different modules of the site
- Implementation of web services of data synchronization between 2 remote bases.
- Development and maintenance of a PHP / Symfony 2 & Jquery API.
- Multiple caches: Varnish, APC, Materialized view.
- Bug checking, unit testing, performance testing, and implementation of the application.
- Technical documentation.
- Improvement and maintenance of applications in production
- SEO and optimizations

- Postgresql database architect - .Net Architect - Symfony 2 / AngularJs Developper

Period: April 2015 - Present

Web Application Engineer

(Php5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery / Node.js / Angular / Blackbone), Web Responsive, Parallax ASP.NET (MVC C # 4), XML , Web Services (SOAP, WCF, REST) MySQL, SQL Server, Apache
IT Manager at La Jeune Street with two main tasks:

• Web Site Creation
- Specification Writing, planning management, tasks and resources.
- Management of Agile methodology and expertise Prestashop, Wordpress, jQuery & php5.
- Development of backoffice (CRM, invoice management, webdoc ...) MVC 4.
- Developing Web Services XML and Server Components with Visual C #
- Task Management and Development of modules.
- Management of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor,
- SEO and optimization
- Technology Watch

• Management of IT, communications, and computer purchases, office, telephony.
- Management of hardware and software deployments.
- Writing (set of functional specific loads, master plan, school project).
- House training.

Company: La Jeune Rue
Period: February 2014 - April 2015

Web Application Engineer

ASP.NET MVC 3 & 4 SQL Server 2008 / 2010 JQuery / Angular / Backbone / Bootstrap
Social recommendation project
- Participates in product design meetings.
- Participates in the design of an application for social recommendation:
- Development, maintenance and monitoring of the application launch.
- Design of relational database and development using Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB and Redis.
- Taking into account the issues of performance in architecture and code optimization.
- Development and maintenance of a Javascript API
- Development widget for displaying the recommendation
- Performs complex bug verification, release testing and beta support for assigned products.
- Writing technical documentation
- Conducts unit testing and integration testing for functionality and limits.
- Delivers product demos to prove to prospects that we are the best fit solution for their needs.
- Improvement and application maintenance facebook
- Researches new technology or development tools to remain informed of current technology.

Development of a backoffice for website
Training and technical intelligence
Maintenance of several rest API and WCF
Company: AntVoice
Period: September 2012 - December 2013

Web Development Engineer

ASP.NET (C # and VB 3.5/4.0) SQL Server 2008 / 2010 Web Services (SOAP, WCF) jQuery
Mission in BetClick (12 months):
- Maintenance scalable web applications existing ASP.NET (C # and VB 3.5/4.0).
- Taking into account the issues of performance (load time optimization, optimization of SQL queries using external mechanisms IIS cache and cache) - Establishment of WCF webservice
- Updating a system update information in real time.
- Redesigning a site in Webform to Asp.Net MVC 3.0
- Writing technical documentation related to new developments
- Creation of unit tests
- Participation in application reviews
I was with a team of ten 8 people and a project manager and Agile method is followed with variation SCRUM.
Company: DEGETEL
Period: May 2011 - May 2012

Web Development Engineer

ASP.NET C # 3.5 SQL Server 2005/2008 jQuery Web Services (SOAP, WCF)
- Design and development of web gaming sites in ASP and ASP.NET (C #).
- Design and development of applications for Facebook (connect, Facebook and Facebook iFrame Canvas)
- Develop and update intranet tools / extranet
- Management of databases (SQL Server 2000 to 2012)
- Project management and management of a team of 3 to 4 people
- Languages ??used: HTML, JavaScript (Ajax - jQuery), ASP (VBScript), ASP.NET (C #), XML, Web Services, SOAP, SQL Server
Company: 1000mercis
Period: January 2007 - April 2011

Education & Diplomas

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

Engineer's degree, Software Architect, Application Developer

Graduated: 2009

University Paris Sud (Paris XI)

DUT, Computer Engineering

Graduated: 2006

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